Dressing for the corporate workplace can be an incredibly daunting experience. Finding the balance between upholding an office’s dress code standards, maintaining your sense of individual style and retaining comfort can feel like walking a tight-rope line. Many of us have acquired the classic staples necessary for a 9-5 wardrobe, including a blazer, button-up blouse, pencil skirt, and trousers. However, while these outfit combinations will always be timeless, it can become monotonous to wear day after day. To help overcome this conundrum, we have outlined 5 easy steps to help you achieve the perfect corporate fashion style.

Add Pops of Color and Prints

Workplace appropriate dressing does not have to equate to boring and bland style. Opting for a printed blouse, in lieu of solid collared top, brings a stylish vibe that enhances a classic pant, or skirt ensemble.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Comfort is rarely the first thing to come to mind when you hear the term corporate work wear. Nevertheless, being comfortable at the office is important to both your productivity and performance. To combine effortless ease and chic style, we recommend finding skirts and trousers in flexible fabrics like Rekucci’s Miraform, with a blend of fibers and a touch of Spandex.

One Trend at a Time

When new trends emerge on the fashion front, it can be hard to find ways to embrace them in your weekday office wardrobe. The best way to get around this situation is to incorporate small trendy details to existing staples. A great example of this is a pencil skirt with leather trim.

Makeup Fun

Personal style doesn’t have to be solely expressed in clothing. Makeup choices can play a big role in adding flair and color to an overall look, with special touches like a bold red lip, or cat-eye eyeliner.

Play Up Your Accessories

Accessories are an excellent way to have fun with your workday outfits. Colorful earrings, or a bag with an eye-catching graphic print, are perfect ways to let your personality shine, without going against the dress-code.

Follow these corporate fashion style tips and let your personality shine through.

Source: rekucci.com