When curating your wardrobe for the workday or weekend, dressing for your body type is one of the most important factors to consider. With new silhouettes arriving every season and different trends re-emerging from decades gone by, knowing what fits you best is an excellent way to make your shopping experience effortless and fulfilling! Pants are an especially tricky item when it comes to finding the designs that are most flattering for your figure. Here we’ve compiled a few tips to help you find the best pants for your body type.


If you have an hourglass shape, your goal should be to highlight your curves — not hide them. The Farrah pants are an excellent example of the ideal pant for this body type. The slight stretch in Rekucci’s exclusive Miraform fabric allows the pants to conform to the hips while the mid-rise creates an emphasis on the waistline.


The key to finding pants for an apple body type is to draw attention away from the waist and showcase your legs. The Liz stretch pants are a great choice for this shape. The skinny fit highlights the legs, while the elastic panels at the hips have a slimming effect on the mid-section.


When shopping for a pear body type, you will want to seek out pants that balance your hipline and elongate your figure. A straight leg pant like the Glencheck Audrey is great for this shape since the cut creates a balance and proportion with the hips, while the ankle length hem has an elongating effect on your entire silhouette.


For the rectangle body type, creating curves and defining the mid-section is an important factor in finding the right pants. The Sophia Jeggings are a flattering choice for this shape, as the mid-rise waist and zipper details create an emphasis on the hips, and the figure-hugging fabric allows for the natural curves of the legs to shine through.

With these guidelines, shopping for pants should be a much less daunting experience in the future! No matter what your body type, the most important thing to show off in any outfit is your style and confidence.